Over mij

Barbara Kreijtz has worked in the sports industry for over 30 years, gaining experience in sports management, competitive mountain biking, teaching (lecturing) and coaching. An underdiagnosed and untreated concussion led to a change in lifestyle and career perspective. With a relentless drive and passion to understand symptoms and find solutions, she started communicating with scientists about Post-concussion syndrome.  As a seasoned lecturer, she started teaching fitness professionals about brain plasticity and how improvement can be initiated with exercises and movement. 

With her prime activity as a mountainbike coach, she has managed to turn science into practical use during training sessions and foremost, has helped riders to understand what has changed in their brain due to post-concussion syndrome and what one can do to improve and even get back to full fitness. Using double tasks and apps during group sessions, the science has been turned into practical and fun sessions. Away from coaching and brain plasticity, Barbara Kreijtz enjoys the theatre, MTB adventure rides and reading.